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When loved ones suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it often takes a huge toll on the entire family. After all, this disease robs patients of their memories and minds while their decreasing mobility and putting them at a higher risk of falls. That’s why Meadowthorpe Assisted Living has created a new senior care facility for Alzheimer’s patients in Lexington, KY, that offers training and exercise to improve their memories. Here, they explain how these activities help prevent cognitive decline.Senior Care:

3 Benefits of Training & Exercise for Alzheimer’s Patients

1. Improve Self-Care

Helping patients exercise and train their brain can significantly improve their self-care capabilities. For instance, many patients struggle to get dressed themselves or shower alone because the disease results in a loss of mobility and strength. Fortunately, they can perform exercises each day that target and strengthen the muscles necessary to complete these tasks. With regular practice and exercise, patients are often able to improve their range of motion, endurance, and cognition, all of which are necessary to complete daily activities.

2. Enhance Cognitive Function

senior careExercising and training can also enhance seniors’ ability to think and solve problems. In fact, these practices can even improve sustained attention and visual memory. Brain training can help the mind become stronger because it allows patients to create new neural pathways. They can then practice using those neural pathways by thinking logically, solving puzzles, and playing other games. This improves their overall cognitive function and helps them solve real-world problems later on.

3. Decrease the Risk of Falls

Patients with Alzheimer’s are often at increased risk of falls, largely as a result of the decreased mobility and strength that result from the disease. However, with regular exercise, they are much less likely to end up in the hospital due to a fall. This is because their muscles are strengthened, and, perhaps most importantly, their balance significantly improves with training.

In their new memory care facility, Meadowthorpe Assisted Living takes a person-first approach to care. They understand the need for patients to gain a sense of belonging, which is why they focus on personalized attention and community.

If a loved one in your family suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, reach out to the trusted and compassionate team at Meadowthorpe Assisted Living. With their new senior care facility, this assisted living community focuses on helping patients regain a sense of normalcy in their lives. If you have any questions, contact a trusted team member by calling (859) 878-1300.

Choosing the right senior living facility for a loved one may be one of the most significant decisions you’ll make in life. With so many questions to ask and a variety of features to consider, it’s easy for the process to get confusing.

To make matters more manageable, let’s take a look at a few of the top factors to consider before making the final call:

Location: Where a facility is located is key. Keep ease of visitation in mind—is it close enough so that friends and family have access to it without too much trouble? Additionally, take note of the setting of a facility, whether it be urban, rural, or something in between.

Staff: To make the most out of a family member’s stay in a senior living facility, positive staff relationships are crucial. Referrals and testimonials will cover this aspect to some degree, but the best way to know how closely and effectively a team works with their residents will be through introductory visits and face-to-face discussions.

Capabilities: There’s also the question of what a staff can handle. Determine the level of care your family member needs and compare and contrast it with a facility’s skills. Access to emergency services and caregivers is paramount, as is verifying the safety and security of the grounds.

Amenities & Activities: What sort of features does your ideal senior living facility offer? Are you looking for a simple setting with the basic comforts of home, or would you prefer a facility that goes above and beyond with its amenities and entertainment options? Available activities could also sway your decision, so check event calendars and schedules for an idea of what to expect.

Mission Statement: Above all else, you want a senior living facility with a mission statement and overall purpose that aligns with the values you and your family hold dear. Research each option’s approach to senior care and compile a list of questions to help further determine their unique attitudes and beliefs.

As long as you don’t rush the decision, you and your family can look forward to quality time spent at a caring and versatile new home. For people in the Lexington, KY, area, Meadowthorpe Assisted Living is the leading source for senior support. Visit them for more on their lifestyle options and give them a call at (859) 878-1300.

When you think of what an assisted living community provides, social interaction might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, this is just as important as the physical benefits of elderly care. The caregivers at Meadowthorpe Assisted Living in Lexington, KY, offer socialization for those under their care, which they’ve found to have considerable advantages.

Social interaction helps prevent isolation and the dangers that come with it, in turn providing a few key benefits:

Mental Health: It’s no mystery that isolation is one of the most significant causes of depression in the elderly. Loneliness can quickly make a person feel that their life has no purpose, leading to feelings of despair and sadness. When they socialize, seniors feel loved and needed, which leads to a healthier mental state.

Connectivity & Accountability: When they are connected to others, seniors are more inclined to keep up with their grooming, clean, and stay active. Having friends and loved ones also gives them a reason to stay well. For example, a senior getting together with friends is more likely to bathe and get dressed than someone who will be home alone all day.

Sense of Belonging: Senior living can be tough, as the elderly are more susceptible to loss than younger generations. Having access to caregivers and peers helps them foster new bonds and friendships, leaving them with a sense of belonging even if they’ve experienced a recent loss.

Physical Health: Spending time with others helps keep seniors active, as they feel motivated to get out of the house and try something new. They are also more likely to eat regularly if they spend their mealtimes with friends.

As seniors age, physical and mental limitations make it more difficult for them to socialize with others. Meadowthorpe Assisted Living can give your loved one the benefits of social interaction, among others. They offer a range of services to fit your elderly care needs, customized just for you. Call them at (859) 878-1300 to talk with a caregiver about the best plan for your loved one.

If you would like to take a tour of the community, participate in an activity, or have a meal with us, please contact us today!

If an elderly loved one can no longer care for themselves, it may be your responsibility to choose the best senior care option to meet their needs. While many people commonly mistake assisted living facilities and nursing homes as one and the same, the former aims to provide overall care while allowing a senior to maintain their independence. The staff at Meadowthorpe Assisted Living in Lexington, KY, is here to dispel the stigma of senior care by discussing a few of the benefits of assisted living facilities.

3 Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

1. Varying Levels of Care

One of the main benefits of an assisted living community is the ability to choose the level of care that is needed. For example, if your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s, the center can provide specialists who are skilled in meeting those needs. The facilities can also accommodate those who only need the basic level of help, such as transportation and assistance with daily tasks.

2. Safety

Assisted living centers provide a safe and comfortable environment for seniors without forcing them to sacrifice their independence. The facilities are also monitored to prevent burglary and provide security and peace of mind for both the residents and their families. Each home or room is equipped with some type of alert systems in case a resident falls or has an accident.

3. Companionship

Without the ability to socialize, seniors can fall into a deep depression. Assisted living facilities offer a community with other older people so they can socialize and make new friends. The staff may provide group games or other activities, and it will be up to your loved one to decide how often they want to participate.

Meadowthorpe Assisted Living is the leading assisted living community in Lexington, KY, providing round-the-clock care and a wide range of services for their residents, including transportation and housekeeping.

If you would like to take a tour of the community, participate in an activity, or have a meal with us, please contact us today!

The senior living market of Lexington, Kentucky is undoubtedly one of the most competitive around with new communities popping up left and right. Everyone claims to be the best and offer the most desirable amenities, so how is Meadowthorpe Assisted Living & Memory Care better than all the rest?

The answer boils down to a single umbrella factor – uniqueness. Sure, we (like most communities) offer a beautiful upscale living environment with lovely individual suites, a hair salon, and a fun bar plus game room for socializing; however, our mission is to ensure every resident lives life to their fullest potential based on the “whole person” approach. We strive to ensure our residents are cared for emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially. Our community provides assistance with the vital components of everyday life, in addition to ensuring our residents experience their golden years in a manner that is meaningful and filled with purpose.

At Meadowthorpe Assisted Living, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our passionate staff and caregivers provide specialized assistance and support 24 hours per day at a ratio of six residents per caregiver. The industry average is typically greater than 20 residents per caregiver. What’s even more incredible is the data surrounding our caregivers’ average response rate to resident notifications…two minutes or less! What does that mean? It means each and every resident is provided with impeccable care based on their identified needs, as well as those which may arise unexpectedly. Simply put, our residents never have to wait for assistance as a result of our superior staffing plan.

Our unique community layout opens the door for mobility and freedom of choice in an assisted living environment. Our community is comprised of five buildings, each of which houses eight private apartments equipped with a kitchenette & dining space, living area, and separate bedroom with a fully accessible bathroom. Additionally, each building contains a full kitchen for anyone who wishes to prepare a meal, shared dining area for congregating with others at meal time, and a living room for relaxing or socializing.

Residents’ days are filled with opportunities for continued education, improved health & physical well-being, and socialization. Our activities program is designed by a former educator to ensure residents experience enrichment and engagement at a variety of levels. For example, residents have the opportunity to read and analyze poems & short stories, attend socials of various natures, and spend time reaching out to our local youth through school partnerships. Our fitness program offers Tai Chi, yoga, aerobics, and meditation, all of which can improve one’s overall mental and physical health. We value nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of each and every resident.

So why choose Meadowthorpe Assisted Living & Memory Care? The answer is quite simple – because we undoubtedly provide the most personalized care and support throughout the senior living community. With us, you and your loved one(s) will be empowered, inspired, and encouraged to live life to the fullest. We are 21st Century assisted living!

If you would like to take a tour of the community, participate in an activity, or have a meal with us, please contact us today!

191 Leestown Center Way | Lexington, KY 40511 | 859.878.1300

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