Meadowthorpe offers more ways to enjoy every day through Activities and Community!

Meadowthorpe Assisted Living in Lexington, Kentucky offers a lifestyle that fosters purpose and provides a whole new way of aging healthfully and happily. Our community creates a wealth of opportunities to enrich lives through social, emotional, spiritual, physical, educational, and occupational pursuits. At Meadowthorpe Assisted Living, we provide a comprehensive activity program designed to enhance each resident’s life, starting as a personal journey of growth and enrichment and extending to affect not only the resident but also family, neighbors, and the Lexington community.

We help our residents spend each day doing what they love most. Every day should be one to look forward to for its rewards. Ever day, life should get a little better than the day before.

Our Comprehensive Activity Program Includes…

  • Resident-Centered Philosophy – We customize our programs to address the general preferences of our residents.
  • Opportunities for Socialization – Volunteers and families are encouraged to participate in our programs, giving residents the time and opportunity to connect.
  • Embrace Technology – Using the latest platforms, we give our activities life by embracing technology.
  • Community Outreach – Through volunteering, we create opportunities to help individuals strive for something bigger than themselves; the community benefits and so do our residents.
  • Resident-Led Presentations – We encourage involvement and sharing of talents
  • Diverse Programs – Our activity program offers a vast array of social opportunities for our residents to celebrate life. These range from card groups to special events, family programming, trips, and entertainment.
  • Local Partnerships – Community partnerships help provide opportunities for our residents to get involved.

    Let us worry about the small stuff while you enjoy your day.


    Dine as you like. You make all the decisions – it’s your home!


    Your loved ones can rest easy and enjoy peace of mind.


    Our community is designed to look and feel like home – you decide how to spend your time and enjoy your space.


    We create an environment where individuals retain the autonomy to continue their own, ever-changing stories.


    Meadowthorpe Assisted Living puts each person’s choices about how he or she wants to live first and foremost.