5 Assisted Living Myths Debunked

When it comes to assisted living, many myths surround these facilities, which can serve to dissuade both seniors as well as their families from seeking out a residence. It’s important to weed out the misinformation so loved ones can get the help they need. While every center is different, there are some broad misconceptions that should be set straight.

Common Myths About Assisted Living

Independence Must Be Sacrificed

Moving into a senior care facility does not result in a total loss of independence. ...

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3 Benefits of an Assisted Living Community

Many aging individuals turn to assisted living communities as a way to provide them with the care they need during their golden years. While everyone has a different reason for looking into these communities, the wealth of benefits is what makes them a prime choice for someone who needs help with daily activities. Here, Meadowthorpe Assisted living in Lexington, KY, discusses a few of these benefits.

3 Advantages of Assisted Living Communities

1. No Maintenance Work

When your loved one owns their own ...

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